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Cyber-Terrorism; a Threat beyond of traditional terrorism

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Member of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission believes that Iranian cyber developments has become a worrying factor for the United States, Israel the Zionist and some Arab countries; "Today our readiness in cyber is the most important of ours in our defense doctrine".
Tuesday, July 19, 2016 12:52:23 PM
Cyber-Terrorism; a Threat beyond of traditional terrorism

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency – "Modern sophisticated technologies have passed all the aspects and areas of human life; now they are penetrated in between of international system units especially in the aspects of threats, wars and conflicts"said Seied Mohsen Alavi MP from Mohr and Lamerd about security issues in cyber equipment.

He continued: Informational and communicational technologies are playing a great and unique role in the international system; they effect on internal and external dynamics of human societies.

"With an overview to the last decade we find that USA and Israel the Zionist have attacked to Iranian nuclear facilities; now I can point out to Stuxnet, Flame, Stars, Ducup, Equation, and so many other viruses they aimed to damage Iran; Cyber terrorism is more dangerous than traditional terrorism and this is of the main concerns of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission" said left-wing MP.

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