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In order to ratify the 6th development plan, experts are involved

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A member of management committee in the joint commission in the Iranian Parliament says that in order to ratify the five-year 6th development plan, experts have a great roll.
Wednesday, September 14, 2016 1:24:56 PM
In order to ratify the 6th development plan, experts are involved

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency – "Management committee of Joint commission holds lots of sessions in order to survey the five-year 6th development plan; the meetings are as seminars in order to ask for advice with experts with the aim of discuss and review the materials and provisions of the General Development Plan", said JahanBakhsh Mohebbi Nia 55-year old MP representing MianDoAb, Shahindezh and Takab electoral district in the five recent periods of the Iranian Parliament.

Up to the present time, there has been five five-year general development plan executed in Islamic Republic of Iran; the first one was run from 1989 up to 1993, entire in Hashemi Rafsanjani presidential period.

The devastation caused by the war between Iran and Iraq, Limits of central countries and Rapid population growth have been the three challenging factors to run the General Development Plans up to now.

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