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Iran's accession process to the WTO should not be lasted

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A member of economic commission in the Iranian Parliament evaluate on Iran's accession to the WTO as a positive matter; "There should produce better commodities so that we could gain greater share"
Saturday, October 15, 2016 11:20:44 AM
Iran's accession process to the WTO should not be lasted

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency – "Iran's joining to the World Trade Organization is a subject that economically could have positive effects", said Masoome Aqapoor Alishahi a moderate MP who is representing Shabestar, Soofian, Tasooj and suburbs electoral district.

"Iran's accession to the World Trade Organization should be done based on specified conditions and due to this, technology transfer must be noted" continued the representative of the 10th period of Islamic Consultative Assembly.

Iran officially submitted an application to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) on 19 July 1996. From July 1996 to May 2001, Iran’s application had not been considered, mainly as a result of US objections and the US veto power in the WTO Council. From May 2001 Iran’s application for WTO membership has been brought up 22 times.

At the 22nd time, on 26 May 2005, Iran’s application for WTO membership was approved unanimously by the organization’s members. Thus the process of Iran’s membership in the WTO started. Once Iran’s application was accepted and examined by WTO General Council, Iran became WTO observer member and started the process of full membership in the organization. In November 2009 Iran submitted the Foreign Trade Regime Memorandum as the process of accession entered a new phase.

Iranian officials have said time and again that the conditions created after the nuclear deal would make it necessary to speed up efforts to join the WTO.

Since the nuclear agreement, countries such as Switzerland and Oman have pressed for forming a special committee of the WTO to address Iran’s request of entering the world trade body.

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