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Peace in Lebanon after the rejection of Hariri from Riyadh

Service : Politic
Vice Chairman of National Security and Foreign Policy commission referring to the need of supporting the presidential crisis in Lebanon, said: Saad Hariri by taking some distance from Riyadh could bring peace and development for Lebanon and we hope that this Muslim country sees the color of calmness as soon as possible.
Tuesday, October 25, 2016 11:43:44 AM
Peace in Lebanon after the rejection of Hariri from Riyadh

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency – "Saudi Arabia after making crises in Iraq and Syria is trying to make a civil war in Lebanon regarding to its political and social gaps", said Kamal Dehqani Firooz Abadi a reformist MP who is representing Taft and Meibod.

"Sad to say, Saudi regime seeks to create a religious war in the Middle East just to supply its interests and Lebanon has been always Saudis' principal target" declared FiroozAbadi.

Lebanese former prime minister, Saad Hariri, has endorsed Michel Aoun for presidency, raising hopes for the settlement of a long-running deadlock on Lebanon’s political stage.

Omar Nashabe, a political commentator from Beirut, touched upon the process of forming a new government in Lebanon, hoping that “the atmosphere remains an atmosphere of cooperation” between the various political groups in Lebanon. 

Kamal Dehqani continued: Under the Saudis' conspiracies, Wahhabi terrorists are active in different names such as Al-Qaida, ISIL, Fath el Islam, Jaish el Islam and Jibhat el Nusra; up to the present time they have tried to be active in the political scene of Lebanon but in between, there is Resistance flow which is an obstacle for Saudis' aims.

Saad-eddine Rafic Al-Hariri is a Lebanese politician and billionaire who served as the Prime Minister of Lebanon from 2009 until 2011. He is the second son of Rafic Hariri, the former Lebanese Prime Minister who was assassinated in 2005.

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