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Abramian with New Year's greetings

Peace is message of Jesus Christ and all other prophets

Service : Politic
Representative of Armenian Christians from southern region of Iran referring to the coexistence of different religions in Iran says: The message of all the prophets was based on friendship, peace, love of Creator to the creature and love of creature to the Creator.
Sunday, January 01, 2017 10:56:42 AM
Peace is message of Jesus Christ and all other prophets

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency – Georgic Abramian (Ժորժիկ Աբրահամեան) congratulated New Year says "All prophets communicated the message of God's love for creation; The Great Almighty loves the creatures and this is the best things we humankinds should know about our position and status; we should remember that the omnipotent observes us and worries about our lifestyle; God almighty in this way has announces that the human is not alone and he and she have demiurge which watches everything exactly; Great almighty inbreathed and inspired part of its soul to wight the mankind and therefore converted mud and dirt to human life"

Georgic Abramian is the representative of Isfahan and south Armenians in the sixth and tenth period of the Iranian Parliament. He is now 65 and was born in Tehran.

2017 (MMXVII) in the Armenian Calendar is equal to 1466 ԹՎ ՌՆԿԶ and in Iranian Calendar, 1395 – 96; Islamic Calendar 1438 – 39.

2017 has been designated as: International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by the United Nations General Assembly.

The Armenians remain the most powerful religious minority in Iran. They are appointed five seats in the Iranian Parliament (the most within the Religious minority branch) and are the only minority with official Observing Status in the Guardian and Expediency Discernment Councils.

Today in Iran there are about 120,000–150,000 Armenians left. Half of which live in the Tehran area. A quarter live in Isfahan, and the other quarter is concentrated in Northwestern Iran or Iranian Azerbaijan. The majority of Armenians live in the suburbs of Tehran, most notably Narmak, Majidiyeh, Nadershah, etc.

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