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Syria; integrrated and more democratic

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Limiting the time for president in Syria is counted a proceeding to guarantee the democratic process against the plots of some hostile countries; this is considered developing a mechanism for rotation of power in Syria.
Wednesday, February 01, 2017 10:54:44 AM
Syria; integrrated and more democratic

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency – Ahad Azadi Khwah one of the principalist and conservative right wing MPs in the Iranian Parliament had an interview with international affair service correspondent in icana.ir in ground floor of the parliament building; its summary and important points are as beneath:

-Russian proposed constitution for Syria has ambiguities; cultural autonomy for Kurds in Syria may result in lack of integration; the gap in population after the war will lead to the formation of faults and this may be dangerous.

-Autonomy in Syria is a strategic matter that may threaten the power of the central government.

-Intensification of cultural fragmentation is the method of colonialism in disintegration of in the Middle East countries.

-In the early years of the Iranian revolution, some raised the discussion about autonomy in some areas, but Imam Khomeini seriously opposed.

-Opposition to the autonomy is not an issue to insult ethnicity, but also it is in order to maintain integrity.

One of the provisions of the constitution proposed by Russia for Syria is limiting the time for president to seven years and maximum of two terms.

Syrian presidential election, 2014 was held in Syria on 3 June 2014. It was the first multi-candidate election in decades since the Ba'ath party came to power in a coup. ... Bashar al-Assad was sworn in for his third seven-year term on July 16, 2014 in the presidential palace in Damascus.

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