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No country has right to interfere in Iran's missile and defense affairs

Service : Politic
A member of National Commission and Foreign Policy commission in the Iranian Parliament: One of the important problems in the recent meeting of the Security Council was this point that western countries for another time did not contravene to the necessary conclusion about the Iranian missile tests contradiction with Resolution 2231 and this shows that the Islamic Republic of Iran has done its affairs in the field of missile based on international law.
Saturday, February 04, 2017 2:35:07 PM
No country has right to interfere in Iran's missile and defense affairs

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency – "In the current situation some Western countries led by America will use any excuse to deal with Islamic Republic of Iran; the origin of these actions, are the Zionist currents", said Mortaza Saffari Natanzi in response to western countries' noise making about Iran's missile testing and contrasts of this test with Security Council resolution 2231.

It is regrettable that western countries' approach is intensifying political pressure against the Islamic Republic and their officials are looking matters are to be referred to Iran.

No country or organization has no right to interfere in the affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran's missile and defense; according to international laws, countries can take actions to strengthen their defensive power and in between, Iran is not exceptional.

Iran has been developing its own missiles for many years. In 2010, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1929 banned the development of missile technology by Iran.

Arms control experts have said that Iran's missile tests are not banned under the nuclear agreement and the UNSC resolution, because Iran’s missiles are not meant to deliver nuclear warheads.

Iranian officials have in recent days joined voices to support the country’s defense program in the face of the latest provocative remarks by officials of the new US administration on Tehran’s domestic defense agenda.

In a Tuesday statement, 220 Iranian lawmakers expressed all-out support for Iran’s Armed Forces, saying "the reinforcement of the defense capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in line with deterrence strategy" is an absolute necessity to ensure the country’s national security.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has also described missile tests as an "inalienable and absolute" right of the nation, emphasizing that no country or international body can have any say in this regard.

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