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Sending pilgrims to Saudi Arabia after payment of blood money

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Member of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission believes: Sending pilgrims to Saudi Arabia after payment of blood money.
Sunday, February 05, 2017 2:44:31 PM
Sending pilgrims to Saudi Arabia after payment of blood money

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency – Shahrooz Barzegar Kalashani the current representative from Salmas electoral district referring to the Iran - Saudi negotiations which will be launch on Thursday 23 February 2017 on how to dispatch of Iranian pilgrims to the Hajj next year, said: responsible for 2015 Mina stampede is the Saudi side forsooth, in effect of their mishandling.

"In the following of the events occurred in Saudi Arabia, the Saudis have not committed to pay the rights and blood money of the pilgrims died and their families, so until paying all rights of all pilgrims, the other pilgrims of Hajj will not be sent for this year and next years", said Kalashani.

"Performing Hajj is the indisputable right of the Iranian and the Saudi government cannot prevent its implementation because the will of the Iranian nation and the Iranian authorities is the full implementation of pilgrimage and providing the basic needs of Muslims in the event" said the member of National Security commission.

If the Saudis agreed to meet all the conditions of the Islamic Republic to deploy pilgrims, it is necessary to develop a mechanism for issuing visas to pilgrims between the two countries: He continued.

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