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National interests will be achieved in the shadow of foreign policy

Service : Politic
Iranian Foreign Minister met with a group of MPs and exchanged views with them on foreign policy and the need for integration.
Tuesday, February 14, 2017 9:14:49 AM
National interests will be achieved in the shadow of foreign policy

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency – Diplomacy and national interests fractions of Parliament held a session in foreign ministry building with the presence of Mohammad Javad Zarif.

At the beginning of the meeting Mustafa Kavakebian welcomed the members; "glad to say Islamic Republic of Iran has been able to achieve its objectives; passing four decades form the eve of the Islamic Revolution acknowledges this remark" declared Mostafa Kavakebian reformist politician and representative of Tehran, Rey, Shemiranat, Pardis and IslamShahr at the current period of Parliament of Iran. He was formerly represented Semnan and Mehdishahr in the parliament from 2008 until 2012.

Mustafa who is now the head of Diplomacy and National Interests fraction: Iran is in a special situation and we are pleased to have the opportunity to exchange views with Iranian Foreign Minister so that we offer representatives' comments to our diplomacy system at a time we need to consult the views.

"Practically diplomacy is followed by ministry of foreign affairs but generally and publically by the other institutions; Parliament certainly has a high position in the field of public diplomacy and everyone knows that informal discussions will be taken by representatives of the people" said Kavakebian who is also a member in national security and foreign policy commission.

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