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Hajj pilgrims will be sent after approval of the Supreme Leader

Service : Politic
Only in one case the Hajj pilgrims will be sent to Hajj rituals, after the supreme leader confirms.
Wednesday, February 15, 2017 10:56:42 AM
Hajj pilgrims will be sent after approval of the Supreme Leader

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency – "At this meeting, the situation of Saudi Arabia and hostile behavior of this country against Islamic Republic of Iran were examined", said Muhammad Ibrahim Rezaei referring to Jaberi Ansari's presence in security commission and his activities.

"The meeting was to check the latest information not a practical one; the latest information on Saudi Arabia was studied and economic – social conditions of Saudi were surveyed" said Muhammad Ibrahim Reza who is a member in National Security and Foreign Policy commission.

"To establish relationships between Iran and Saudi in the context of Hajj, a request submitted by Saudi and it is scheduled that Iran's envoy negotiates with the government of Riyadh if the proposals were approved at the meeting with the Supreme Leader, the relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia on hajj will be established" he added.

"But diplomatic relations between the two countries is such in the past and up to this time, Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not come in this case because responsible for Hajj negotiations is Hajj and Pilgrimage organization as the supreme leader commanded"

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