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Affirmative approach of Foreign Affair ministry on regional negotiations

Service : Politic
A member of judicial and jurisdiction commission of the Iranian Parliament: Islamic Republic of Iran chase to find unity and integration between the regional and Islamic countries.
Saturday, February 18, 2017 1:15:01 PM
Affirmative approach of Foreign Affair ministry on regional negotiations

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency – "In the Diplomacy fraction - Zarif meeting lots of subjects were mentioned which one of them was about regional negotiations and Islamic countries; we found it necessary to recite the Supreme Leader's orders and declarations" said Ali Bakhtiar referring to the message of Persian Gulf Cooperation Council countries to carry out dialogue with Iran.

"Our diplomatic organ should be enter the field of negotiations from an activated manner; at the moment and due to the rise of Trump, there should be existed more unity, cohesion and unity between Islamic countries and the negotiations could have new shape" added MP from Golpaigan and Khwansar.

The member of Judicial and Jurisdictional commission: Regional countries also are ready to launch the negotiations and

Iranian authorities to commute in the region countries including President's trip to Kuwait and Oman will help the negotiations; In fact, Islamic Republic of Iran seeks to create a way for the unity and coherence between Islamic countries and the region by means of interactions and negotiations.

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