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Iran's unmatched support of the resistance movement

Service : Politic
Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General believes there is no religious dispute between Muslim groups and there is only tastes differ in strategic issues.
Sunday, February 26, 2017 10:32:51 AM
Iran's unmatched support of the resistance movement

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency – Referring to differences in some Muslim countries on issues of Palestine "The differences are not religious but are in political and strategic fields like the differences in tastes" said Shaik Naeim Qassem.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran always unmatchedly has supported the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and Syria"

"Al Saud regime paddles in the swamp which they themselves have created and every day they will sink further"

"Lebanese Hezbollah protects all the oppressed movements in the region and always is ready to confront the Zionist usurper regime and to win in this road we need the unification of all Muslim groups in a single path"

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