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Join the FATF requires Iran's engagement with the international community

Service : Politic
A member of the Judicial and Legal Commission of the House of MPs: if Iran wants to engage with the international community it is needed some things such as adhering to international conventions such as the FATF.
Tuesday, March 07, 2017 12:06:36 PM
Join the FATF requires Iran's engagement with the international community

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency – Ali Baktiar MP from Golpaigan and Khwansar in the current period of the Iranian Parliament referring to FATF's statement on Iran's functions in relation to pay to its commitments: Paying to FATF has different dimensions but in any case the Islamic Republic of Iran to meet its obligations in the agreements, acts and will adhere.

"Some experts have raised concerns about the implementation of the FATF agreement and Iranian authorities must respect all aspects of the security and protectional of the problem so that does not occur any difficulties in this respect"

"In this regard, creating firewall systems in the field of software especially in banking and commercial issued is necessary to prevent destructive behavior in the field of software"

Since the implementation of the nuclear agreement, global banks have cited the FATF’s reviews on Iran to avoid processing Iranian transactions, prompting the Islamic Republic to push for removal from the list which many believe is politically motivated.

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