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The Trump's administration pursues policies of Obama's administration on Syrian civil war crisis

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America's military presence in Syria was inconclusive and the people and the Syrian government and its allies, including Iran and Russia will not allow committing any actions to United States.
Monday, March 13, 2017 9:51:02 AM
The Trump's administration pursues policies of Obama's administration on Syrian civil war crisis

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency - Referring to talks on Syria in Astana on 14 and 15 March Farhad Falahati – MP representing Qaenat in the current period of the Iranian Parliament - said: America's policy on Syria has not been changed and in this relation the new government of the United States follows Obama administration of course both the previous and present governments of America emphasize to the Islamic Republic of Iran's role in Syria.

"America's policy in Syria has been changed only in terms and particles and they follow their previous approach"

"The Astana meeting with the participation of all countries, but without the presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be useless and futile"

The next international meeting on settling the Syrian crisis will be held in Astana on March 14-15, the press service of Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran will be the linchpin to resolving the Syrian crisis and this causes the country to be invited to participate in all meetings related to the Syrian crisis"

"The next high-level meeting on Syria will be held in the capital of Kazakhstan on March 14-15, 2017. High-level delegations from Russia, Turkey and Iran will take part in the meeting. Invitations will be sent to the United Nations, the United States and Jordan. The guarantor countries expect the Syrian government and the armed opposition to confirm the participation of their delegations," the statement reads.

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