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Larijani: Riyadh exporter of terrorists

Service : Politic
Tehran, May 24, ICANA – Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani said Saudi Arabia is the exporting center of terrorists.
Thursday, May 25, 2017 10:00:00 AM
Larijani: Riyadh exporter of terrorists

Larijani underscored that the Islamic Republic of Iran opposes Riyadh’s warmongering in Yemen and deploying military forces in Bahrain.

Parliament speaker stressed that it is a remarkable point and also astonishing that the US President Donald Trump has announced in public how much money he had received from Saudi Arabia to accept to participate in the [Arab leaders] meeting in Riyadh.

Larijani underscored that Americans announced Riyadh the fighting center for terrorism and that was a truly right since it is the exporting center of terrorism,” Larijani added.

“If the US succeeds preventing the delivery of fund, weaponry, and armed men from Saudi Arabia to other places, then there will be no more incidents like the explosion of the twin towers in New York (9/11) or injuring and murdering thousands of innocent people in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon,” he further said.

“Do not put so much blame on Pakistan, since Taliban was the product of a triangular collaboration upon which formation of Taliban was designed and directed by the US and the Britain, funded by the Saudis and Emiratis and carried out by Pakistan,” said Larijan when asked why Pakistan created Taliban.


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