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Larijani: Nothing as evil as Zionist regime

Service : Politic
Tehran, June 23, ICANA– Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Friday pointed to Israeli regime's unprecedented crimes against Palestinians and noted there is no phenomena as sinister as the Zionist regime in the past century.
Thursday, June 29, 2017 8:00:00 AM
حضور دکتر لاریجانی در جمع راه پیمایان روز قدس و در سخنرانی پیش از خطبه های نماز جمعه تهران

Larijani made the remarks in his lecture before the Friday Prayers.
He underscored that the establishment of Zionist regime was the start point for extensive adventurism in the Middle East.

Touching upon the manipulation of Judaism by Zionists, Larijani stressed that most of Jews are against Zionism.
He added that Zionism was established in the Middle East to sow discord among Muslim nations and to pave the way for looting Muslim countries by world powers.

Referring to the Zionist regime expansionist policies, he said that Zionists made fabricated history to justify occupation of Palestinian lands.
Pointing to the US senate anti-Iranian measures, Larijani underscored that :”we will give decisive response to the US actions”.
Zionist regime is mother of terrorism, he said, adding that no terrorist group has displaced millions of people by force.
He added that Zionists used the most violent ways to reach their objectives, adding that Daesh is following the Zionists' way of terror.
Terrorism of the Zionist regime of Israel is not bound to its borders and assassination of Iranian scientists are examples of its terrorism across the world, he said.
Larijani pointed to the US support for Zionist regime and said the US presidential candidates during their electoral campaigns declared the Saudi regime as supporter of terrorism but later on, they expressed support for the regime.
Today, American government is the most disreputable government of the world which supports tribal governments, the speaker added.
He said that Iran is committed to fighting terrorism to root out the phenomena.
Larijani pointed to Iran’s recent missile attack to terrorists’ safe havens in Syria and said, 'We will continue operation against terrorists inside and outside the country.'


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