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Larijani: Washington claim to tackle Daesh just rhetoric

Service : Politic
Tehran, June 30, ICANA – Majlis (Parliament) speaker Ali Larijani said Washington claim of fighting Daesh terrorist group is nothing but rhetoric.
Wednesday, July 05, 2017 7:00:00 AM

'At the time when Iraq was being overrun by Daesh, by ISIS, did the United States make the slightest move in defense of it? Or was it the Iranian nation that rendered aid to the Iraqi nation and Iraqi government?' CNN quoted Larijani as saying.
'Had we not assisted them, Baghdad would have been occupied by ISIS. It is with the help of Iran that Daesh, ISIS, is on its last breath in Iraq (and Syria).”
Responding a question as regard recent terrorist attack on Tehran, Larijani said Iran is strict in fighting terrorism and most of terrorist plots have been foiled in Iran.
He went on to say that 'we have no fear of terrorist operations since Iran enjoys great intelligence dominance'.
Larijani also pointed to Trump administration's recent order on Muslim ban saying 'I have spoken about this before, so many Iranians live in the United States, study in the United States, engage in business in the United States, which one of them have engaged in terrorism?'
The Parliamentary speaker argued the ban was unlikely to work, because terrorists 'seldom to never' enter a country under their own names or nationalities, CNN reported.
'President Trump and American officials are aware of this. The terrorists must be defeated at the source. Where are their sources? Where are they? They are in Afghanistan, in Syria, in Iraq,' CNN quoted Larijani as saying.


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