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2021/09/22 03:11

MP: Stoke Market should be used to sell oil

Tehran (ICANA) – According to a lawmaker, the sale of oil in the Stoke Market is essential.
2021/09/22 02:34

Eastern Bloc; Gov’s new path in economic relations

Tehran (ICANA) – A member of the Presidium of Iran’s Parliament believed that after being a full member of SCO, Iran could draw the attention of countries.
2021/09/22 01:13

MP says fighting narcotics transit from Afghanistan to Europe imposed heavy costs on Iran

Tehran (ICANA) – Chairman of the National Security Commission of the Islamic Parliament of Iran Vahid Jalalzadeh said transit of narcotics from Afghanistan to Europe has imposed a lot of costs on Iran...
2021/09/22 01:10

MP says Iran's lack of access to its foreign assets in Seoul is against int'l principles

Tehran (ICANA) – Chairman of Iran-South Korea parliamentary friendship group Roohollah Motefaker Azad said Iran's lack of access to its foreign assets in Seoul is against the principles of trade and i...
2021/09/20 20:00

Lawmaker: US creates chaos in world to secure its interests

Tehran (ICANA) - Chairman of Iran-Portugal Parliamentary Friendship Group Jalil Rahimi Jahanabadi said the United States is after creating chaos in the world to secure its interests.
2021/09/19 02:00

A freethinking athlete does not allow him/herself to acknowledge Zionist regime for the sake of a medal

Tehran (ICANA) – Imam Khamenei met with the Iranian Olympic and Paralympic medalists at the 2020 Tokyo Games. This meeting was held in accordance with health protocols in the Imam Khomeini Hussainiyya...
2021/09/17 02:39

MP: Gov must report to parliament on the agreement with IAEA

Tehran (ICANA) – An Iranian lawmaker asked the government to report on nuclear talks and the agreement with IAEA.
2021/09/16 11:00

AEOI has moved in the framework of Strategic Action Law

Tehran (ICANA) – The National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Parliament verified that AEOI has moved exactly according to the framework of Strategic Action Law.
2021/09/14 17:00

Explanation of the agreements reached with IAEA is essential

Tehran (ICANA) – An Iranian lawmaker requested that relevant officials be invited to brief delegates on the agreements reached with IAE.
2021/09/12 21:00

Qalibaf urges Iraq to pave for vaccinated people to attend Arbaeen rituals

Tehran (ICANA) - President of the Islamic Parliament of Iran Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf emphasized developing relations between the two countries and its impact on the regional developments, and called fo...
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