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2018/01/06 08:48

Larijani: Iran-Russia joint committee to pursue mutual projects

Tehran, Dec 27, ICANA - Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani announced that Tehran and Moscow have formed a joint committee to follow the implementation of mutual projects in energy and railroad industries...

2018/01/06 08:48

Larijani congratulates world Christians on Chrismass

Tehran, Dec 26, ICANA– Iran Majlis (Parliament) speaker Ali Larijani congratulated the auspicious birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, the messenger of peace and compassion.

2017/11/06 11:14

Parliament speaker: Iran would counter Trump misbehavior

Moscow, Oct 16, ICANA - Iranian Majlis (Parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani said that Iran would counter the misconduct shown by the US President Donald Trump during his Oct 13 speech.

2017/11/06 11:14

Larijani: Tehran, Moscow dealt fatal blow on terrorists in Syria

Moscow, Oct 15, ICANA– Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani stressed that Tehran and Moscow have dealt a fatal blow on terrorist groups in Syria.

2017/11/06 11:14

Kazakhstan backs Iran's role in Int'l communities

Tehran, Oct 14, ICANA– Chairman of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurlan Nigmatulin said Kazakhstan has always supported the Islamic Republic of Iran's position and plans in international co...

2017/11/06 11:14

Washington approach towards JCPOA alarming for UN legitimacy: Larijani

Tehran, Oct 14, ICANA – Majlis (Iran Parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani said that recent comments by the US officials on the landmark nuclear deal put under question the legitimacy of the United Nations...

2017/11/06 11:00

Larijani hails Syria success in tackling terrorism

Tehran, Oct 25, ICANA – Iranian parliament speaker on Wednesday lauded Damascus achievements in tackling terrorism and congratulated the country's army and government.

2017/11/06 09:44

Larijani: Flourishing economy should be Iran’s first priority

Tehran, Oct 31, ICANA - Iran’s Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani stressed that the Americans are seeking to create an atmosphere of panic and frustration for investment in the Islamic Republic ...

2017/11/01 11:00

Larijani, Syrian counterpart meet in Moscow

Moscow, Oct 17, ICANA– Iran's Majlis (Parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani conferred with his Syrian counterpart Hamoudeh Sabbagh on the sidelines of the 137th meeting of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) i...

2017/11/01 11:00

Washington suffering diplomatic weightlessness

Moscow, Oct 17, ICANA– Iran Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani slammed US President Donald Trump’s recent remarks against Iran and the 2015 nuclear deal during his speech on October 13.

2017/10/28 11:00

Speaker: Trump’s sympathy for Iran astonishing

Moscow, Oct 15, ICANA – Iranian Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani criticized the recent US President Donald Trump’ remarks against Iran.

2017/10/22 11:00

Larijani off for Russia

Tehran, Oct 12, ICANA– Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani left Tehran for St. Petersburg, Russia, on Thursday to attend 137th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) meeting.

2017/10/22 11:00

Tehran, Moscow review mutual, parliamentary ties

Moscow, Oct 13, ICANA – Visiting Iranian Majlis (Parliament) speaker Ali Larijani in meetings on Friday with two senior Russian officials discussed mutual and parliamentary cooperation.

2017/10/22 11:00

Duma Chairman: Irrational decisions escalating chaos in Iraq, Libya, Syria

Moscow, Oct 13, ICANA - Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin said irrational decisions have fanned the flames of chaos in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

2017/10/16 09:00

Armenian PM hails Iran’s regional stances

Tehran, Oct 9, ICANA – Visiting Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan hailed Islamic Republic of Iran’ balanced stances on Karabakh dispute.

2017/10/15 09:00

Iran, Mali keen on expanding ties

Tehran, Oct 7, ICANA – Iranian Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani called the level of relations between Islamic Republic and the African countries, in particular Mali, suitable.

2017/10/07 17:00

Larijani: Terrorists trying to undermine Iran’s security

Shiraz, Oct 7, ICANA – Iranian parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani called destabilizing the Islamic Republic’s security as the main goal of terrorists in the region.

2017/10/07 10:00

Larijani: Washington following wrong path on JCPOA

Shiraz, Oct 4, ICANA - Iran Parliament (Majlis) speaker Ali Larijani said Iran nuclear talks have been finished and Washington is following the mistaken path of bargaining to get more advantages.

2017/10/07 09:00

Iran, Ireland parliament speakers highlight significance of nuclear deal

Tehran, Oct 3, ICANA– Iranian Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani stressed that following meeting his Irish counterpart Denis O'Donovan's both countries agreed that the nuclear agreement should b...

2017/10/07 09:00

Larijani condoles martyrdom of border guards

Tehran, Nov 5, ICANA – Iranian parliament speaker extended condolences for martyrdom of Iranian border guards who were killed in armed clashes with terrorists in northwestern province.

2017/10/03 09:00

Larijani congratulates election of Syrian counterpart

Tehran, Sep 29, ICANA– Iran Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani offered his congratulations over reelection of his Syrian counterpart Hammouda Sabbagh.

2017/09/27 09:00

Larijani hails President Rouhani's UN outspoken remarks

Tehran, Sep 25, ICANA– Speaker of Iran's Parliament Ali Larijani on Sunday hailed President Hassan Rouhani for his outspoken and enlightening address at the recent 72nd Regular Session of the UN Gener...

2017/09/26 09:00

Larijani slams terrorist remarks as 'ridiculous'

Tehran, Sep 23, ICANA– Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani here on Saturday slammed some certain countries accusing Iran of supporting terrorist groups.

2017/09/23 09:00

Larijani extends condolences to Mexican counterpart on earthquake

Tehran, Sep 21, IRNA – Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in a message extended his condolences to Mexican parliament Speaker Jorge Carlos Ramirez Marin on the occasion of devastating earthquake on Thurs...

2017/09/19 09:00

EU highlights Iran's commitment to JCPOA

Tehran, Sep 16, ICANA– Iran Parliament Speaker Ali Lairjani said the EU has stressed on Iran's commitment to nuclear deal here on Saturday.

2017/09/19 09:00

Majlis speaker: Regional unity to uproot terrorism

Orumiyeh, Sep 17, ICANA – Iran's Majlis (Parliament) speaker urged regional unity which would lead to elimination of terrorists from the region.

2017/09/17 09:00

Larijani censures Iraq terror blast

Tehran, Sep 15, ICANA– Iran Majlis (Parliament) speaker in a letter condemned the terrorist attack in Nasiriyah the provincial capital city of Dhi Qar, Iraq.

2017/09/12 12:54

Larijani urges UN fact-finding committee on Myanmar

Tehran, Sep 7, ICANA– Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani in a statement on Wednesday condemned slaughter of Muslims in Myanmar.

2017/09/12 12:54

Larijani congratulates liberation of Deir ez-Zor

Tehran, Sep 6, ICANA– Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani in a message on Tuesday congratulated Syrian Army and resistance forces in liberation of Deir ez-Zor city in eastern Syria breaking Daesh...

2017/09/05 23:00

US seeking to isolate Iran: Larijani

Tehran, Sep 4, ICANA – Parliament speaker Ali Larijani stressed that the recent changes in US government and President Donald Trump's stances towards Iran's nuclear agreement are aimed at isolating th...

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