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Russia Opposition Calls on Putin to Step Down

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TEHRAN, Feb 20 (ICANA) – The dismissal of Putin's government, the dissolution of parliament, free elections, police reforms and transparent budget.
Sunday, February 20, 2011 9:20:43 AM
With these demands, hundreds of people rallied on a central Moscow square braving the frost. The protesters condemned the ongoing police reform, the new draft educational standards for schools, and demanded the dismissal of the Interior ministry leadership. Rallies like this are being held regularly. They are part of the opposition campaign calling on Vladimir Putin to step down. Opposition leader Garry Kasparov criticized the authorities for sending hundreds of policemen to a peaceful rally, but failing to protect people from terror attacks like the recent one at a Moscow airport. He said the people and not the ruling tandem should decide who will run the country. Kasparov called on the demonstrators to come out to the streets and take freedom, comparing the situation in Russia to that in Egypt or Tunisia. But protests in Russia are far less numerous and the opposition support is low. Analysts say one can hardly expect a social outburst. The ratings of the Russian leaders have gone up. According to the Levada opinion poll center, two thirds of the population are satisfied with the work of president Medvedev and prime minister Putin.
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