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'CIA at Work in Libya, Bahrain'

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TEHRAN, April 21 (ICANA) – Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi's relationship with the US authorities and the Central Intelligence Agency was active back in the 1990s.
Thursday, April 21, 2011 11:40:48 PM
'CIA at Work in Libya, Bahrain'

Press TV interviewed Ralph Schoenman, author of The Hidden History of Zionism regarding the US policies on the popular uprisings in Libya and Bahrain.

Q: Why is it that the US has called on the Gaddafi regime and Gaddafi himself to step down in Libya, but no such call by the American government on the Bahraini monarchy to step down?

Schoenman: There isn't a contradiction here as I've pointed out before on Press TV. The relationship of the United States authorities and particularly the Central Intelligence Agency with the regime of Muammar Gaddafi goes back to the 1990s with the joint declaration with Condoleezza Rice in 2006 and the role of Richard Pearle, and indeed of Dick Chaney and Mr. Barbara of the CIA providing the special forces for the Gaddafi military apparatus.

The relationship has been intense particularly with respect of the handing over of 44.2 billion barrels of oil reserves to the principal oil conglomerates: Chevron, Total, British Petroleum and so on. If they are demonizing at the moment, it's because of the uprising that began in Libya in Ras Lanuf when workers sought to regain control over the oil being handed over now to the major conglomerates. That was in keeping with the uprising throughout the region of the oppressed.

They took the opportunity to demonize Gaddafi as a means to seize and control of this uprising and giving you the character, which would lend the CIA and NATO powers control over the uprising. It's completely consistent with what motivates them in this absolutely brutal reign of terror unleashed in Bahrain.

Furthermore, as you know Finian Cunningham and I have been writing about this now for almost two months. It is the attempt to document the most brutal targeting of the medical profession in Bahrain. The physicians, the doctors, the ambulance workers and the nurses; hence, all those that tend to the wounded have been brutalized by 100,000 mercenaries wielding axes and clubs and knives.

They have a security apparatus now bolstered by Saudi Arabia troops with F-16s and Cobra helicopters with nine doctors documenting the use of nerve gas and toxins and chemicals on the population.

This is a crime against humanity sanctioned, supervised, required and kept in place by the rulers of the United States. There is the Secretary of Defense when he parachuted into Manama to meet the King with Peter Ricketts and proceeded quickly to meet with David Cameron, and within 36 hours, thousands of Saudi troops were crossing in with their tanks.

Gates professed to not be informed in advance but the New York Times blew his cover when they documented that of course the Saudi apparatus was in touch with Gates, and the government of the United States on the Sunday, and the timetable was discussed. Thus, this was the actual apparatus of invasion and control planned jointly.

We are dealing with a deliberate imperial crime because of the enormous importance to American control of the region of this Al Khalifa puppet regime with its hosting the Fifth Fleet, which is the launching point for the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

It has taken a form which we have seen in many parts of the subjugated world of the oppressed Arab masses, and the peoples of the region namely in Palestine where the targeting of medical personnel characterized the Israeli invasions of Gaza and the West Bank.

Q: The Bahraini monarch also writes that Bahrain is at the epicenter of Persian Gulf security, and any violent upheaval in it would have enormous geopolitical consequences. Walk us through some of the geopolitical consequences that he is warning.

Schoenman: The Al Khalifa regime which has isolated itself from the population and sustains its youth through approximately 100,000 mercenaries who are a kind of shock troops in addition to those of the repressive security apparatus.

They are very much dependent on the Wahhabi monarchy of Saudi Arabia. After all, as Nabeel Rajab has made clear and others in Bahrain, right across the crossway is the Shia area of Saudi Arabia where the oil is located.

The citizens there have been raising their voices, but not only there but in Riyadh and Jeddah. The very brutal and corrupt Saudi monarchy is concerned about the stability of its own rule and the state of the oil. This is the primary concern of the American rulers that impose these country-selling regimes.

The Saudis have been able to use not just thousands of troops, but they are deploying Cobra helicopters, and F16s and they are targeting Shia villages across Bahrain. Most recently, they have been targeting the mosques. Some are 800 years old and 200 years old. It is taking on a quality of ethnic cleansing.

I would suggest in some respects seeking to provoke sectarian conflict when there is none in Bahrain. Not because Shia have not been discriminated against because they certainly have. The theme amongst the protesters for democracy has not been Shia or Sunni but Bahraini.

Both secular and Shia and Sunni citizens who are seeking democratic rights have joined together without the slightest indication of sectarian conflict underlying their desire for an end to this brutal monarchy.

I should mention that Physicians for Human Rights Richard Sollom has now launched an investigative undertaking and has sent a team to Bahrain. They have met with the families of many of the doctors. There are families who have been taken and in many instances not only the doctors, but also their wives are also taken, leaving the children without anyone to care for them.

Nabeel Rajab has been a voice of enormous courage and clarity and an inspiration to us outside and those inside Bahrain. He and his family including his elderly mother suffering from the effects of suffocation after assailants fired tear gas canisters into his home in Budaiya on the 18th. This is the constant posture of this regime.

Many of the protesters and those who have been engaged in resisting this regime have been treated even worse. They have been tortured and some disappeared. Salman Mahfoodh, Secretary General of the General Federation of Bahraini Trade Unions, launched a general strike, and subsequent to the general strike, literally 1,300 workers in one place, and 1,650 in another, 453 in another who were very often Shia I have to emphasize. They were detained and disappeared from their positions. They were involved with the San Francisco Labor Council, the AFLCIO, and the International Trade Union of Confederations out of Brussels representing over 300 confederations. This is the workers' efforts in defending their rights.

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