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Libyan Civilians, New WMD for NATO

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TEHRAN, April 21 (ICANA) – NATO has warned Libyan civilians to distance themselves from forces loyal to ruler Muammar Gaddafi to allow it to strike those forces with 'greater success and with minimum risk to civilians.'
Thursday, April 21, 2011 11:51:47 PM
Libyan Civilians, New WMD for NATO

On Wednesday, Libyan state media reported that seven people were killed in a NATO airstrike in the capital, Tripoli. The military alliance is facing mounting criticisms over the civilian losses in the North African nation.

Press TV talks with Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian in Maryland, about the developing quagmire and conflict between the Western countries over crisis-hit Libya.

Q: I would like to get your reaction to NATO saying that civilians should avoid forces loyal to Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi in order not to get killed. Is that a viable solution to the problem on the ground?

Tarpley: I think it is an example of the Orwellian absurd rhetoric coming from the NATO headquarters. Obviously the NATO air raids are killing large numbers of Libyan civilians; they have killed them on both sides now, they have killed rebels and they have killed Gaddafi loyalists. They are also intervening in a civil war; the destruction of Gaddafi's tanks and other forces has now prolonged the civil war. If it hadn't been for the NATO intervention about a month ago, this entire thing would be over; the civil war would have come to a halt.

Right now we have a situation where the question of the safety of the Libyan civilians is essentially the new weapons of mass destruction (WMD) issue and by that I mean in 2003 they justified the attack on Iraq. The [former US President George W] Bush- Cheney administration was yapping about WMD in Iraq, Saddam Hussein and so forth. Now what we have been hearing is the Libyan civilians and there is simply no proof that any such massacres are going on. Gaddafi has captured a number of cities but there is no evidence of massacre in any of those cities. What we do have is evidence of massacres by the rebels, massacres of the black Africans, be they from Chad, Mali, Sudan, or Somalia who have been working in Libya as foreign workers in the civilian economy. They have been massacred by large numbers by the rebels in Benghazi-Tobruk-Darnah corridor.

Q: In its campaign to impose the so-called no-fly zone, we have seen the UN mandate being stretched. Italy has said it will send 20 military advisers into Libya. France has already sent military advisers and Britain has the same plans. Is this another extrapolation of the same plans that these countries have with regards to Libya?

Tarpley: The plan has been the south-Misrata plan which the British and the French were working on it already last autumn. There is very good evidence that a boatload of US, British and French combat advisors arrived in Libya sometime around 23 or 24 of February. So for about two months, we have had CIA, SAS Special Forces from the imperialist powers on the ground.

I think the difference is the British and the Italians advisors are going to be taking command of the so called rebel forces. In other words they are going to taking command of the so-called rebel forces; they are going to become colonial regiments with foreign officers telling them what to do. The rebels are openly calling in NATO strikes on their country and now we have from the rebel council there in Benghazi a call for foreign invasion. They are literally demanding the occupation of their country by the foreign troops in a military operation or a war that is going to kill even more people than we are seeing right now. I can tell you here form Washington that the American people are sick of war, sick and tired of imperial adventures. The consensus is growing here to get out of this and let the Suez coalition, the British and the French of the 1956 vintage, fend for themselves.

Q: But will the US let this coalition take the lead as far as Libya goes or do you think the USA is too far deep into this whole mess?

Tarpley: The notion that the US is not the motor force in this is pure propaganda, pure window dressing, pure public relations. The United States has been the nerve and the fist and the heart and the brain of this thing from the beginning. it is just for reasons having to do with the widespread hatred of the US in the Arab streets that the US is going through the charade, which is what it really is, a charade of holding back and not taking the lead.

I think we are very close to an actual ground invasion even thought the various powers involved deny it. The entire logic of this goes to the fact that Sarkozy, Obama and Cameron have now bet their demagogic political standing on getting rid of Gaddafi. They have hated him the same way that Anthony Eden hated Jamal Abdel Nasser (president of Egypt) in 1956. They are probably beside themselves with rage that he is still in power. So the logic of this is that we have reports the US marines are standing by offshore, very likely that there will be a US ground invasion and a slaughter of Libyans. It will lead either to situation like Somalia with a guerrilla war going on .

Q: Many thanks for sharing your ideas with us here on Press TV.

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