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Al Khalifa Regime Cannot Be Tolerated

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TEHRAN, April 22 (ICANA) – The Bahraini regime faces total dismay from members of the European parliament following Manama's crackdown on anti-government protesters and demolition of mosques.
Friday, April 22, 2011 1:24:07 PM
Al Khalifa Regime Cannot Be Tolerated

On March 13, Saudi-led forces were dispatched to the island at Bahraini regime's request to quell the countrywide protests.

Saudi and Bahraini forces have destroyed 25 mosques and 18 mourning halls since the start of the revolution.

Press TV has interviewed Saeed al-Shahabi from the Bahrain Freedom Movement, regarding the treatment of the Bahraini government towards its people and the Unites States' response to such brutal crackdown. The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Q: How significant is what miss Benjamin saying that the government of the United States, basically to blame for this, and that they must make a stance very soon? If this government of [Barak] Obama, the Obama administration, is a government that came in with the slogan of 'change' basically changing the way from the past, How likely are we going to see a change finally, in the way United States deals with some of these authoritarian regimes, such as Bahrain, and what is happening their?

Shahabi First of all I would like to welcome Zainab al-Khawaja and hats off for what she has done. I think that she has focused the world attention on that light of the people of Bahrain. Of course it was a personal individual effort when she went on hunger strike, but I think that event itself was so significant that suddenly [the] interest of the world opinion and world media became focused on the country. Only today, just now I was reading 'The Independent' newspaper in London, and it clearly says about 'Bahrain's secret terror', and this is on the front page. I think if it wasn't for the efforts and sacrifices of the people like Zainab and her father who has been severely tortured, and who has [appeared before a] military court [which] has started today. And if it wasn't for the sacrifice of these noble people nobody would care.

Of course Mr. Obama is still trying to put cotton in his ears, not to hear the cries and the pleas of the people, the cries of the victims, those who have been mutilated, those who have been killed in secrete terror as 'the independent' said today. We were talking to the people from the European Union and some members of the European parliament, and they were expressing total dismay at the American stand, and how foolish, how hypocritical that stand is. How could you go and take your forces to a country, supposedly to defend its people from the rat of the tyrants in those countries while you keep completely quiet? Not only keeping quiet, but you are actively supporting the regime and what it is doing. And until now they are considering that the occupation of Bahrain by the Saudi forces is legitimate. How could the occupation be legitimate? Why could you stand against the soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979? When Bob ... Carmon, he invited the soviet forces. Did his invitation make the invasion legal? Why did stand against the soviet invasion although it was invited by Bob ... Carmon? Why do you stand against the soviet invasion of hungry in 1956 when the communist party called for soviet help?

Q: Do you think all these examples that you are bringing, do you think that it is exposing that many would consider 'hypocritical policies' of the United States? And do you think if that is the case that perhaps they would be forced to change direction?

Shahabi Well this American women, Ms Benjamin, said 'shame on you'. I think that only summarizes the feeling of decent people in this world. How could you have this hypocritical approach to international crises? How do you expect the world to be a safer place for people, for its inhabitants, for the people who want the rule of law to be up held, who want democracy to become the rule in their country? Not the despotism and dictatorship. Of course you are making the world more dangerous, especially in the case of Bahrain. What you are supporting is the school of thought that had cultivated terrorism, extremism, as we saw in Saudi Arabia in the past twenty years. You are not supporting democracy; you are standing by the aggressors, the invaders, and the occupiers.

Q: Not only was the Mr. al-Khawaja arrested that night, but several other people. And we have also had other human rights activists that have been arrested especially six of the top people involved there. Do you have any information about them, has any information been given about these other people, and do you know if they have been charged or whether even being held?

Shahabi Well, the independent newspaper calls Bahrain as 'secret terror', and their government 'secret terror'. I think that is what's exactly happening. We do not know, Zainab has just told you that in a trail they were not allowed to get in, lawyers were not allowed. You are talking about one of the most vicious reactionary backward terrorist regimes in the world. Today the ruling family of the al-Khalifa cannot be tolerated, and it is just a shame in the face of the Americans and those countries [that] ignored the pride of the people, noble people, who were snatched from their homes at gun point, and whose houses were smashed, whose children were terrorized, and their wives and sisters. They had been taken to unknown location, and nobody knows what has happened to them. I do not discount the possibly that they have already killed some of them. Abdallah al-Khawaja's life is in danger, because the way he was arrested a week ago, ten days ago, was something unbelievable.

You cannot just go and bleed a person, break his bone in front of his family in that way. However, those people who have been arrested, especially the top 7, or 8, or 10 people including Hassan Mushaima, Abdul Wahab Hussain, Sheikh Ayatollah Abdul ..., Ibrahim Sharif, all these noble will remain there. They are the leaders of the people and whatever this regime does; it is not going to get out of the bottle nick without really addressing the real issues in Bahrain. The real issues are several, but the most important of which is absolute dictatorship. This is military dictatorship, vicious despotism, this black era of terror, torture, mass killing, genocide, attacks on most, destruction of mosques, the destruction of social places where people go during Ashura to eat, and burning [of] the Quran. If the American pastor burnt one copy, the al-Khalifa have burnt many, dozens of copies in all these mosques. So, we are really living in hell. Our people are counting their hours to see if they survive or get snatched by these thugs who are wielding their axes their sword, and this is all documented the world has taken interest and I can assure you that work has already started to bring those people who are responsible for this, to justice. They will not be far when they are taken to justice in the same way as other dictators have been brought to justice.

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