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BDP Thanks All Turkey for Fair Attitude during Veto Crisis

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TEHRAN, April 23 (ICANA) – The pro-Kurdish party thanked all Turkish people for keeping a conscientious position during the recent political crisis over the veto crisis that sparked mass demonstrations leaving one dead behind.
Saturday, April 23, 2011 9:32:09 AM
BDP Thanks All Turkey for Fair Attitude during Veto Crisis

“I want to thank to all Turkey for its sensitivity,” said Sırrı Sakık, an independent deputy who is running for Parliament again. All candidates of the Peace and Democracy Party, or BDP, are running independently for the Parliament due to 10 percent election threshold, Hürriyet Daily News reported.

“But,” Sakık added, “we are also sorry and feeling offended. Who’s going to pay the price of the killed youngster?”

Turkey passed through a severe political turmoil after the country’s Supreme Election Board, or YSK, vetoed 12 independent candidates Monday. The board reserved its ruling Thursday allowing seven of them, six of them backed by the BDP, to stand for the elections.

“We came up against a big injustice. Reversing this undemocratic ruling is positive. None of these could have happened. An 18-year old boy died,” Selahattin Demirtaş, former leader of the BDP told reporters, in his initial reaction.

Underlining that the citizens with Kurdish descent are subject to many different kinds of vetoes in their lives Demirtaş criticized the government for remaining silent during this period. “What is imposed on us is a state veto. We ask the release of our friends who were detained [during the protests],” he added. He also noted that he was ready to meet with President Abdullah Gül any time he wants and repeated that his cancellation of Wednesday meeting was not a show of reaction.

Gultan Kışanak, who could get her right to run in the election, said she was assessing that the latest ruling of the YSK was a correction of a technical mistake. “But all of ours democratic problems do stand where they are. People have taken streets for their demands but the prime minister does even not respond. And in the meantime the police violence continues,” she said. “The prime minister is passing through ‘the Tahrir Square syndrome’. He has to address this people’s demands.”

The reason of the three-day long political chaos that caused massive protests leaving one dead behind was “a communication problem”, head of the election board has claimed.

“There could be a miscommunication between our provincial offices and the candidates. There is no crisis, as such. There is an ongoing [election] calendar,” Ali Em, head of the YSK, told reporters late Thursday. “The decision was taken unanimously,” he said. The board continued to review the appeals of two remaining vetoed candidates Friday.

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