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Lebanese Irked by Israeli Violation of UN Resolutions

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TEHRAN, April 23 (ICANA) – A monument holding the names of three Israeli soldiers, ”Benny Afraham, Adi Apitan and Omar Sawa'ed” has been placed in the Shebaa farms South East Lebanon, an area which is considered by many to be Lebanese territory.
Saturday, April 23, 2011 9:44:46 PM
Lebanese Irked by Israeli Violation of UN Resolutions

The 3 soldiers are said to be captured and killed by Hezbollah in 2001, for the purpose of usage in a prisoners' swap deal, which took place three years later setting free some 430 Arab prisoners including 16 Lebanese, of nearly 10,000 Arab prisoners Israel detained still.

The Lebanese government interpreted this a new violation of the UN resolution 425, and is preparing a documentation of this violation with visual evidence for the Unifil,the united nations interim force in Lebanon, Press TV reported.

Lebanese parliamentarians have even urged the government to take this matter to the Security Council, since they say any modification to that land is unacceptable. Experts believe that the reasons behind Israeli actions in Sheb'a farms and the neighboring Kfarchouba Hills are both psychological and military.

The Israelis refuse to retreat from these farms claiming that they are Syrian territories, and thus not included in the 425 resolution and so they continue to occupy them and the Syrian Golan Heights, despite Lebanese inhabitants having land ownership documents of these farms.

Also Hezbollah's Member of Parliament “Nawwaf Al-Moussawi” described this act as deliberate provocation. He also questioned Lebanese government about its delay in dealing with this issue.

Hezbollah has also said such Israeli actions show how Lebanon and its public are being victimized again and again by the Israelis, and this is why they have acquired the right to self-defense.Israeli War & spy air crafts hover above the southern village of Sheba' and its farms almost on a daily basis. The villagers also complain that their cattle and water are stolen and even some people have been abducted.

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