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US Gives Saudi Arabia a Free Hand in Bahrain

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TEHRAN, April 23 (ICANA) – As the members of (Persian) Gulf Co-operation Council (P)(GCC) and Arab League reached a consensus on the current uprisings in Persian Gulf countries, the United States was led to turn a half-blind eye to the developments in the region particularly in Bahrain.
Saturday, April 23, 2011 10:28:47 PM
US Gives Saudi Arabia a Free Hand in Bahrain

The new wave of campaign for democracy is increasingly spread through various countries in the region and seemingly no country is able to resist it, even those which were supposedly expected to be away from such storms. Accordingly, faced with the uprisings in the Middle East region, a number of media and political observers attempt to represent them wholly as a phenomenon distinguished from the general current dominating Arab World.

But in reality the entire developments in the Middle East must be considered and investigated alongside each other and not with a double view and different criteria. For instance it doesn't sound correct to regard the development in Tunisia and Egypt as originated from Islamic awakening but regard those made in Syria and Jordan different from the two aforementioned countries. Obviously such observation can not be based on an accurate political analysis. Meanwhile the wave of change which is sweeping in the Persian Gulf region as a subset of the Middle Eastern system bears particular features.

As a matter of fact, the developments in the Persian Gulf region should be considered within the framework of Gulf Co-operation Council which has lasted for more than three decades. On the other hand, the protests staged and developments made in the countries of this region have resemblances and common features distinguish from those of the revolutions broken out in the North Africa.

From one side, the regional interest of Saudi Arabia demands that its neighboring countries which are natural allies of the kingdom including Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait to remain aloof from unrests or developments which lead to immediate transitions in terms of social, cultural and political issues. Based on such position, the uprising in Bahrain was intolerable for the rich and traditionally-minded rulers of Saudi Arabia which instantly dispatched their military forces including hundreds of troops to the small Persian Gulf country to quash the protests.

In the meantime, the green light the United States gave to Saudi officials intensified their move, although one cannot ignore the fact that currently the general policy of the US statesmen is to recognize a new paradigm called democracy seeking which is even outwardly endorsed by them. As in the case of Bahrain when the US President Barack Obama censured the crackdown of protesters by Bahraini rulers and forced the security forces and army of Al Khalifa family to retreat. However, later the officials of Saudi Arabia persuaded the US forces to steer clear of the issue and the US statesman in their own turn gave a green light to Saudis.

But currently a notable clash of interests is observable in the ties between the United States and its allies in the region which is turning to a confrontation. The same problem led the Americans to overlook the intervention of Saudi Arabian military forces in Bahrain giving a free hand to do whatever they believe is advisable.

Although Department of State formally condemned the interference of Saudi Arabia in the affairs of Bahrain and even warned Bahraini officials to stop violating the rights of their own citizens, but in the final analysis it seems that the consensus made in the Gulf cooperation Council and to a lesser extent in Arab league caused the United States to turn a half-blind eye to the developments being made in the Persian Gulf region enabling Saudi Arabia as a power in the region to assert its force.


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