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Lawmaker: US Pursues Forward Escape Strategy

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TEHRAN, April 25 (ICANA) – A senior Iranian lawmaker has described as an act of forward escaping the recent remarks by US President Barack Obama that accused Iran of aiding the Syrian government in dealing with protests in the Middle Eastern country.
Monday, April 25, 2011 12:36:43 PM
Lawmaker: US Pursues Forward Escape Strategy

“[US President Barack] Obama's remarks have only been made in reaction to the US failures in the region and are more of a testimony to the blame game played by the US politicians and their forward escaping strategy,” said member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) Parviz Sorouri.

On Friday, Obama claimed that the Syrian government is seeking Iran's aid in dealing with the Syrian protests, saying, "Instead of listening to their own people, (Syrian) President Bashar Assad is blaming outsiders while seeking Iranian assistance in repressing Syria's citizens through the same brutal tactics that have been used by his Iranian allies."

The Iranian lawmaker termed the US president's remarks a “joke” and said that US statesmen are used to compensating for their defeats in the region through leveling baseless and unreal accusations against Iran.

Hinting at the United States' approval of the deployment of Saudi forces to Bahrain, Sorouri said “A country which has occupied Iraq and Afghanistan and has given Saudi Arabia the green light to deploy military troops in Bahrain and to brutally kill the oppressed Bahraini people has no competency to express views on regional developments.”

The Iranian lawmaker noted that, inspired by the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the ongoing events in the Middle East have caused US officials to provoke tension in the region.

Sorouri concluded that the Syrian people enjoy enough potential to counter their enemies and have no need to receive assistance from another country.

Protests demanding governmental reform have been held in several Syrian cities over the past weeks. Dozens of people have been killed during the protests.

The opposition accuses security forces of being behind the killings. The Syrian government, however, refutes the accusation and puts the blame on armed gangs and agitators backed by foreign powers -- especially Israel -- for the unrest.

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