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Lib Dem Female MPs Might Lose Seats

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TEHRAN, April 26 (ICANA) – Britain's Liberal Democrat party might lose its female MPs at the next election if they have the same votes as in the previous polls, the Fabian Society has warned.
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 7:13:34 PM
Lib Dem Female MPs Might Lose Seats

Just seven of the party's MPs are women and the Lib Dems have launched a leadership program to bring more women and people from ethnic minorities to take seats at the Parliament.

The party is to back a list of 50 candidates, among whom 25 are women and 15 from ethnic minorities.

According to the Fabian Society analysis, the Lib Dems female MPs are sitting at the party's in-danger seats since they are not holding the 20 major seats voted by the majority of supporters.

The seven women altogether gained 17,224 votes which is only a little more than Nick Clegg's votes only in Sheffield Hallam (15,284 votes).

The most vulnerable Lib Dem female MP is Lorely Burt in Solihull with only 175 votes, followed by Annette Brooke in Mid Dorset with 269 votes.

"If the current polls were even half right, not a single Lib Dem woman MP would survive. An early election where they held four out of five seats (a result they would bite your arm off for) could mean 43 men and two women," the Fabian Society analysis said.

"It seems almost certain that the party's currently poor 12 percent of women MPs will now fall to below where the Liberals were in the 1930s (one out of 10)," it added.

The Lib Dem spokesman said the party is to make steps "towards positive discrimination in favor of women and ethnic minority candidates because we are the most under-representative party."

However, he added that "much more must be done" in this regard.

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