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EU Anti-Racism Body Warns of Rising Prejudice

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TEHRAN, April 26 (ICANA) – In its latest report, the European Commission's watchdog on Racism, the ECRI says several countries have not only failed to protect ethnic and religious minorities, most countries lack wholesome visions on how to integrate them.
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 10:03:48 PM
EU Anti-Racism Body Warns of Rising Prejudice

This is particularly happening at a time when vote-banks of far right parties are swelling across Europe.

The ECRI has been critical of France, which keeps no statistics on how many minorities it has.

While many say verbal and physical abuse on Muslims has intensified and attacks on the Roma attacks have earned it a bad image, no solutions have yet been offered.

Instead, the newly passed laws banning headscarves and Burqas have stigmatized the country's biggest minority.

The impacts of such actions are now being felt, even among Catholics, the French society's majority population.

In a recent survey, just around 50 percent of Catholics say they are satisfied with their president. When he came to power four years ago, over 70 percent of them had voted in his favor.

France has until 2012 to come up with concrete proposals to fight racism and discrimination in the country. That is also the year when the French will elect a new President and vote for a new Parliament, which in turn will prove how effective those proposals will be.

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