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Kyrgyz Parliament Discusses Own Regulations

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TEHRAN, April 28 (ICANA) – A draft bill to create rules and procedures for Kyrgyzstan’s parliament, the Zhogorku Kenesh, had a hearing April 27.
Thursday, April 28, 2011 11:35:10 PM
Kyrgyz Parliament Discusses Own Regulations

The draft bill includes mechanisms for regulating relationships between party factions, organs and sub-divisions of the parliament, as well as its co-operation with other parts of government, Deputy Parliament Speaker Asilbek Zheenbekov said.

Parliament will later review the draft bill to bring the proposed rules into compliance with the constitution, Regulation and Ethics Committee Chairman Kurmantai Abdiyev said. Before the bill reached parliamentary hearings, commentators and NGO analysts discussed it at public hearings.

According to centralasiaonline.com, if it becomes law, the bill would standardise the legislative process, requiring three readings of all draft bills. Proposed constitutional amendments would have a fourth reading. Every draft bill would be subject to committee and judicial review.

The draft bill also regulates the formation and dissolution of ruling coalitions. Coalitions would become official as soon as their members declare their formation during a parliamentary session. They would cease activity as soon as one or more faction announces its withdrawal. Such a withdrawal, or an announcement of dissolution by a coalition leader or authorised representative, would mean the end of a coalition's majority status.

The draft bill also empowers the prime minister and ombudsman to participate in open and closed committee sessions.

The measure also sets a new quorum that requires a minimum of 50 votes to approve many parliamentary decisions. There are 120 deputies in parliament. The draft bill's backers hope to create a more transparent and accessible parliament.

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