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Karzai Urges Collective Cooperation against Terrorists

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, June 26 (ICANA) – Afghan President Hamid Karzai asked Muslim states to establish a united front to fight against terrorism and to prevent certain terrorist groups from misusing the name of Islam for their inhumane causes.
Sunday, June 26, 2011 8:59:55 PM
Karzai Urges Collective Cooperation against Terrorists

"To confront this issue Islamic countries should be stand firm, Islam is a religion of peace, calmness and friendship and Islamic countries should become unified not to let this great Islamic civilization to be misused," Karzai stressed.

Karzai cautioned that terrorists are misusing Islam to find a pretext for their terrorist activities, and urged Islamic states to confront and foil this attempt of the terrorists through collective cooperation.

He further described the International Conference on Global Fight against Terrorism in Tehran as a pioneering action in resolving one of the contemporary dilemmas of the world.

"The Tehran international conference on fight against terrorism is a good chance to fight against terrorism so less people are murdered in the region and the world," Karzai added.

The Afghan president pointed out that terrorism has found more international reactions today "and international terrorists groups in our region are more active than any other part in the world".

He said terrorism is threatening sovereignty of certain countries, and added, "Stable development policies can help better fight against terrorism."

Karzai said fight against terrorism needs an international will and decisiveness, and continued, "Afghanistan believes terrorism is not beneficial to any country in the world."

He also pointed out that Afghanistan is negotiating with all countries about its concerns about terrorism, and added, "Today terrorism is so powerful that no country is immune in this regard."

He said Afghanistan is completely aware of its responsibilities in the campaign against terrorism, and stated, "Afghanistan has suffered loss of lives and financial harms in fighting terrorism. During recent years millions of Afghans have been murdered because of terroristic attacks and all infrastructures are damaged.

"Yet, Afghanistan has not yet reached peace and terrorism is still threatening our country, although we have attempted hard during the recent ten years to reconstruct infrastructures."

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