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Kabul Raps Central Banker's Flee to US

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TEHRAN, June 28 (ICANA) – Afghan President Hamid Karzai's spokesman Waheed Omer says the resignation of Afghan Central Bank's governor and his “escape” to the US is mounted to treason.
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 10:11:23 PM
Kabul Raps Central Banker's Flee to US

Karzai's spokesman called into question Abdul Qadeer Fitrat's claims that his life had been in danger following a major corruption scandal at the bank and referred to him as a “runaway governor.”

Upon his arrival in Washington, where he says he will remain for good, Fitrat announced his resignation in a statement, saying disclosure of the name of some high profile figures who were connected to Kabul Bank's embezzlement put his life at risk.

"We don't think that's very valid. He never actually told anyone in the government that his life was in danger," Omer told AFP.

"This is basically an escape not a resignation... the formal procedures have not been adhered to. He's not a governor but a runaway governor."

Fitrat said, "My life has become completely endangered. Since I exposed the fraudulent practices on April 27 in parliament I have received information about threats on my life."

Karzai's spokesman, however, implicated Fitrat in the corruption scandal amounting to nearly USD 1 billion, saying the governor was himself under investigation.

The Afghan president had called for a comprehensive probe into Kabul Bank incident, which bailed out hundreds of millions of dollars of inappropriate loans in September that were partly used to buy luxury properties in Dubai. The bank was then taken over by the Central Bank last year.

Fitrat said in April that only around USD 47 million in cash of the USD 900 million had been recouped so far.

He said he had asked the government to prosecute the people involved in the corruption 10 months ago.

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