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Speaker: Iran's Nuclear Program Politically Judged

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BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 3 (ICANA) – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says Tehran's nuclear program is politically judged, urging the establishment of a unified framework devoid of any sort of bias to deal with the nation's nuclear program.
Sunday, July 03, 2011 12:07:47 PM
Speaker: Iran's Nuclear Program Politically Judged

“Iran's nuclear issue is encumbered by the political bias of the US and certain Western countries,” Larijani said at a news conference in Baku, Azerbaijan Saturday.

“We think the solution to Iran's nuclear issue is that they (Western countries) accept a unified system for all countries in dealing with peaceful nuclear issues. They cannot say that they would apply a specific system to certain countries while treating other countries with a different approach. The world does not accept this approach.”

If they do decide to adopt such a policy, explained Larijani, the Iran-West negotiations would be more productive.

Larijani was here on an official visit at the invitation of his Azeri counterpart Ogtay Asadov.

Referring to numerous talks between Iran and the West, Larijani said that Western countries resorted to a propaganda campaign against Iran outside the meetings while using a different gesture during the meetings.

“In numerous political talks we had with Western countries, they said something during private meetings but changed their words outside the meetings,” he went on to say.

Larijani reiterated that the West, specifically the US, seeks to deprive Muslim countries of nuclear technology, adding that Western countries had to accept the fact that the technology could not be monopolized.

The top Iranian official pointed out that the West was dismayed by Iran's progress not only in nuclear technology but also in other fields.




The Iranian Parliament Speaker also said enemies have failed to stop Iran's role in the Middle East and North Africa revolutions, stressing the US is unable to avert the Islamic awakening.

“The US knows that Iran's power is so great that Washington cannot resist the expansion of the Islamic awakening,” said Larijani.

He added that the United States occasionally adopts measures against Iran under the pretexts of nuclear issue or human rights “but it is angry with something else.”

“The US intended to destroy the Islamic Republic since the very beginning days of the victory of the Islamic Revolution (in 1979),” he stated.

Iran's Parliament Speaker has also called on Muslim countries to take a stance against the destruction of a part of East al-Quds (Jerusalem)'s wall by Israel.

“The Zionists have begun a reprehensible move in East al-Quds and destroyed a part of the city's wall under the pretext of creating green space,” Larijani said.

He also said the issue has raised concerns in all Muslim countries, and described Israel's act of destroying a part of East al-Quds's wall as an “offense” to Islam.

The Iranian Parliament speaker stressed that all Muslim countries should adopt a stance against the move by Israel.

Iran's Parliament Speaker also said that regional countries must resolve their problems without seeking outside help, as foreign intervention worsens the situation.

Larijani pointed to the decade-long invasion of Afghanistan, saying the US and its allies claimed to come to the region to fight terrorism and drugs but the region is still struggling with both these problems.




The Iranian Parliament Speaker said Iran is interested in expanding economic and political cooperation with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

He said that the Islamic Republic is also keen to boost parliamentary relations with its neighbor.

The Iranian parliament speaker described Tehran-Baku relations as satisfactory and called for the expansion of Iran-Azerbaijan ties in all areas, particularly the economic sector.

Referring to the failure of Minsk Group in resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Iran's Majlis speaker noted that the mediation of foreigners in the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute did not bear fruit as the foreign mediators were pursuing their own interests.




Larijani added that resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute also needs a regional model and emphasized Iran's support for Azerbaijan's territorial integrity.

“In our opinion, regional countries' determination and effort can resolve the Karabakh dispute. We hope that regional efforts increase so that [regional] conflicts are settled,” Larijani said.

The senior Iranian official pointed out that the mutual interests of the two countries demand that regional issues be solved without any foreign interference, reiterating that foreign powers seek their own interests in regional conflicts.




The Iranian Parliament Speaker also said that the US uses Washington-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) as a tool to destabilize the new Lebanese government.

"The US is furious about the formation of a new government in Lebanon so it is struggling to sabotage plans of the government and destabilize the country," Larijani said.

The senior Iranian official pointed out that the US has sent its special envoy to Lebanon to provoke the Lebanese about the STL and thus turn the situation to its own interests.

Larijani went on to say that the STL probing the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Premier Rafiq Hariri was another instance that the US used international bodies as a tool to shield its interests.

Larijani further explained that the US-backed STL ruling was politically-motivated and aimed to pile pressure on the new Lebanese government.

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