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Britain Floats Afghan Power-Sharing Idea

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TEHRAN, July 6 (ICANA) – British Prime Minister David Cameron has desperately begged for the Taliban in Afghanistan to renounce violence and share power with the Kabul government.
Wednesday, July 06, 2011 12:24:18 PM
Britain Floats Afghan Power-Sharing Idea

Members of the Taliban could share power in Afghanistan just as former IRA terrorists do in Northern Ireland, the Prime Minister explicitly offered during a one-day tour of the country.

"The message to the Taliban is stop fighting, stop bombing, stop killing. Join a political process and you can be part of the future of this country”, Cameron told a news briefing in Kabul after talks with President Hamid Karzai.

He paid an unannounced visit to his country's troops in southern province of Helmand, a visit which was marred by the apparent capture and killing of a British trooper.

The trooper was disappeared as Cameron arrived at the Camp Bastion base in Helmand, and later found dead after a long search operation, because of which the premier was forced to abandon a visit to nearby Lashkar-Gah so resources could be deployed to the search.

Cameron urged the Taliban to renounce violence for politics, an example of which, he said, was Sinn Fein's role on the devolved Belfast government in Northern Ireland.

He suggested that the result could be an Ulster-style peace process, with government posts for former Taliban members.

"I have seen it in my own country, in Northern Ireland, where people who were involved in trying to kill, maim and bomb civilians, police officers, army officers and even politicians are now politicians themselves, involved in the governance of the country. It can happen", said the Prime Minister.

Cameron also insisted that it was right to start withdrawing troops this year and to end British combat operations in 2015.

"The British people deserve a deadline,” he said. "I do believe this is the right plan at the right time."

Britain has already confirmed that officials are in direct contact with some Taliban members seeking a peace deal.

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