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Mikati's Cabinet Wins Confidence Vote

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TEHRAN, July 8 (ICANA) – After three days of tough debates, Prime Minister Najib Mikati finally responded to the criticisms of the March 14th alliance by calling everyone to join in efforts to build a strong state.
Friday, July 08, 2011 9:38:31 PM
Mikati's Cabinet Wins Confidence Vote

However, the march 14th walked out en masse from Parliament in a clear sign of protest just before the confidence vote for the cabinet.

One member of the March 14th alliance told Presstv that they could take measures even outside the parliament:

The Miqati government secured 68 votes of confidence out of 128 members of parliament.

The march 8th members along with the blocs of Druze leader Walid Jumblat and premier Mikati seemed quite optimistic after walking out of the parliament house.

The main topic of debate was of course the special tribunal for Lebanon probing the murder of former premier rafik Hariri in 2005.

Many of the March 14th members accused the new cabinet of not cooperating with the court, but Hezbollah and its allies who elected miqati say the international court has lost its credibility.

The manifesto of Miqati's gvoernment meanwhile stresses the respect for international reoslutions and uncovering the killers of Hariri..

People on the streets of Beirut on the other hand, said their main focus is on getting their basic civil rights, like electricity, water, and good roads:


Prime minister mikati did declare in his address to parliament that social and economic needs of the citizens will be the main focus of the new cabinet which plans to stay until the next parliamentary elections in 2013.

The vote of confidence for this cabinet headed by najib Mikati is only the beginning, as its efforts to make economic and social developements are expected to face new born political standoff mainly due to the controversial special tribunal for Lebanon.

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