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Ukraine to Keep on Cooperating with NATO

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TEHRAN, July 8 (ICANA) – Members of the Inter-Parliamentary Council, Ukrainian MPs and representatives of the national parliaments of NATO member states attended the Ukraine-NATO meeting in Kyiv.
Friday, July 08, 2011 9:44:30 PM
Ukraine to Keep on Cooperating with NATO

The Ukrainian Parliament speaker stated that as a large European state, Ukraine cannot stand out of a large-scale cooperation in the Euro-Atlantic space, particularly in the process of development of new European security architecture.

He also stated, the relations between Ukraine and NATO have no political colouring any more.

After Viktor Yanukovych and his Government came to power in early 2010 fundamental changes took place in Ukraine's foreign political strategy.

The new law provided for Ukraine's abidance by the non-bloc status, meaning non-participation in military political alliances.

However, Ukraine remains the only NATO member state that takes part in almost all ongoing basic peace-support missions under the aegis of NATO.

Participants stressed that the session was held at the historical moment of Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine: after a certain cooldown in the relations between Ukraine and NATO and undue thaw in relations with the Russian Federation, the situation is becoming balanced.

Experts say that the avowal of the nonbloc status was not required, but it relieved strains domestically. This comes as Russian Federation keeps on insissting on the issue.

Experts also say Ukraine's membership in NATO is not on the agenda due to the variety of reasons. The state spends about one and a half billion dollars on military expenditures which is too low. Also the prevailing public opinion remains skeptical as analysts say due to the improper state's information policy.

Ukrainian President had earlier said that Ukraine established partnership relations with NATO which would ease tensions in Europe . Experts however say that the proclaimed Ukraine's nonbloc status will not promote the national security without effective foreign guarantees from the EU, the USA, the Russian Federation and NATO which experts say seems unlikely at this stage.

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