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Jewish MP strongly praises Iran's support for Jews

Service : Politic
Tehran, July 2, (ICANA) – Representative of the Jewish minority at the Iranian Parliament Siamak Morreh Sedq lauded religious freedom in Iran, and said Islamic Republic officials have always supported the rights of the Jewish community and other minorities in the Muslim state.
Tuesday, July 03, 2012 3:13:15 PM
Jewish MP strongly praises Iran's support for Jews

"From the viewpoint of religious freedoms, Iran is one of the best and freest world countries for the followers of divine religions and the followers of monotheistic faiths see no restriction or limitation in practicing their religions," Morreh Sedq said on Sunday.

Referring to the full freedom of the followers of religious minorities and their equal rights with the Muslims, he Abrahamic said that in Iran, for instance, religious minorities can continue their academic studies to the highest level, they enjoy complete freedom and they have completely equal civil rights similar to the Muslims.

He further rejected some media allegations accusing Iran of following a racist approach after Iran's first vice-president made a series of comments against Zionism.

"I have never seen any racist action in Iran for the Iranian people's culture of tolerance and coexistence is so strong that there remains no possibility for racism," Morreh Sedq reiterated.

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