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MPs stress Iran’s nuclear program will never stop

Service : Politic
Tehran, Feb 24, (ICANA) – Iranian parliamentarians have stressed that Iran’s peaceful nuclear program will never stop.
Sunday, February 24, 2013 4:13:09 PM
MPs stress Iran’s nuclear program will never stop

In a statement issued on Sunday by 252 members of parliament ahead of the upcoming talks between Iran and the 5+1 in Kazakhstan, they stated that Iran’s negotiating team should vehemently defend the inalienable rights of the Iranian nation within the frameworks of the regulations of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

It also said Russia and China as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council are expected not to follow the irrational demands of the US and confront its policies of dominating world economy.

The statement noted that the US has over the past three decades done all within its power to confront the Islamic Revolution in Iran such as waging psychological wars, issuing resolutions and imposing sanctions but to no avail.

Continuing such a behavior is certainly doomed to failure, the parliamentarians noted.

Members of Iranian parliament further advised the US and its western allies to admit Iran’s nuclear realities and transform their policy of confrontation to cooperation.

The US should know that there is no halt to Iran’s nuclear program which is solely for peaceful purposes, the statement added.

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