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Seyyed Baqer Hosseini:

Killing Iraqi Muslims, crime against humanity

Service : Politic
Tehran, March 3, (ICANA) – Member of Iran’s Majlis Commitssion on National Security and Foreign Policy Seyyed Baqer Hosseini says the lackeys of the West are committing crime against humanity by killing the Muslim people of Iraq.
Sunday, March 03, 2013 4:45:30 PM
Killing Iraqi Muslims, crime against humanity

“Killing people is not acceptable in any religion and those who embark on massacring people do not believe in any religion and are only slaves to the West’s money to wage war in the region,” Hosseini said.

He also pointed to the recent deadly bomb attacks in Iraq and noted that the countries behind the bombings are trying to separate the Arab state from the resistance front against the Israeli regime.

 “Implementing [such] scenarios in the countries which support the [anti-Israel] resistance [front] is a plot the Zionist regime [of Israel] pursues by provoking extremist groups; therefore, the Iraqi nation should resist against these plots and remain completely vigilant,” Hosseini pointed out.

He went on to say that the West and the Israeli regime are fully aware that Iraq would be an axis of the resistance front after the settlement of its internal conflicts and would join the group of countries which support the Palestinian cause.

“Behind the scene of Iraq’s bombings is the al-Qaeda and the Baath Party. Today, the security forces are not the only ones responsible for safeguarding security in Iraq, Iraqi politicians and government officials also shoulder a heavy responsibility in this regard,” the lawmaker stated.

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