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BNPP was built according to the American expert studies

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"After the Islamic-Iranian Revolution, the western countries come around and strictly tied the peaceful activities in the mile of development with politics, while they themselves proposed the construction plan of the Nuclear Plant", said a member of National Security and Foreign Policy of the Iranian Parliament.
Saturday, June 25, 2016 2:23:33 PM
BNPP was built according to the American expert studies

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency – "It should be noted that the Nuclear relationships between Iran and Russia in format of peaceful technologies are among inalienable rights of Iran; we also could be in relationship with any country in this field", said Masoud Goodarzi regarding Nuclear cooperation between Iran and Russia in order to making Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant.

MP of Mamasani and Rostam in the Iranian Parliament continued: Due to the availability of the sanctions, there have been created obstacles in using the rights that made us face with lots of difficulties; but in post-JCPOA terms, there have been prepared chances to cooperate in a more properly manner in the absence of sanctions.

The Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant is a Nuclear Power Plant in Iran 17 kilometres (11 mi) southeast of the city of Bushehr, between the fishing villages of Halileh and Bandargeh along the Persian Gulf.

Construction of the plant was started in 1975 by German companies, but the work was stopped in 1979 after the Islamic revolution of Iran. The site was repeatedly bombed during the Iran–Iraq war. Later, A contract for finishing the plant was signed between Iran and the Russian Ministry for Atomic Energy in 1995, with Russia's Atomstroyexport named as the main contractor. The work was delayed several years by technical and financial challenges as well as by political pressure from the West.

After construction was again in danger of being stopped in 2007, a renewed agreement was reached in which the Iranians promised to compensate for rising costs and inflation after completion of the plant. Delivery of nuclear fuel started the same year. The plant started adding electricity to the national grid on 3 September 2011, and was officially opened in a ceremony on 12 September 2011, attended by Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko and head of the Rosatom Sergey Kiriyenko.

Tehran. Jun. Twenty second. Wednesday\ICANA

News story Translated By manager of foreign department in Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency

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