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Iranophobia, the latest project of the Zionist regime to obstruct the path of the Vienna talks

Service : Politic
The MP stressed that the visit of the Israeli Minister of War to the United States is pure propaganda because the United States is not in a position to launch a new war in the region.
Thursday, December 02, 2021 3:02:21 AM

Referring to the Israeli Minister of War's consultation with the United States on Iran, Asghar Salimi said: "The Zionist regime has always sought to create turmoil, war, bloodshed and marginal issues in the region.”

“The Zionist regime introduces Iran as a threat to the international community and uses all opportunities for Iranophobia,” he added.

"Even though it is always said that the option of war is on the table, the US is in the weakest political and military situation and has no ability to start a new war in the region".

The Iranian MP went on to say that the United States has come to the conclusion that the end of the war in the region is unpredictable.

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