Lawmaker: Iran’s nuclear activities not halted

Lawmaker: Iran’s nuclear activities not halted

Tehran, April 10, IRNA – A senior Iranian lawmaker said despite the claims of Iran nuclear agreement’ opponents, the country nuclear program has not been halted.
2018/11/19 11:12

Larijani underlines failure of conspires of states undermining Syria

Tehran, Nov 14, ICANA - Speaker of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) Ali Larijani said the schemes of some certain countries targeting Syria have been defeated.
2018/11/14 16:21

Zarif: US failed to enforce claims against Iran

Tehran, Nov 9, ICANA – Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said the US has failed to enforce its claims against Islamic Republic of Iran, saying the entire world has stood against Washington’s sanct...
2018/11/14 09:00

MP: Riyadh seeking to dictate Zionists’ policies to Doha

Tehran, Nov 8, ICANA – An Iranian MP said the reasons behind expansion of crisis in the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council ([P]GCC) are Saudi Arabia’ attempts to dictate Zionist regime of Israel’s pol...
2018/11/13 10:10

Iranian MP hails Amano’s stance on JCPOA

Tehran, Nov 8, ICANA -An Iranian lawmaker said the recent remarks of Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano on Iran's compliance with its commitments under the ...
2018/11/13 09:14

Sentencing Saudi Crown Prince a demand for world public opinion

Tehran, Nov 7, ICANA - Member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iranian Parliament said Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s sentence has become a demand for world public o...
2018/11/13 08:04

Najafi Khoshroudi: US waivers a “humanitarian gesture”

Tehran, Nov 7, ICANA - Senior Iranian lawmaker described the US’ waiver to eight countries to keep importing Iranian crude oil after Washington's new anti-Iran sanctions come into force on November 5 ...
2018/11/07 11:04

MP: Silence of int’l community on issue of Yemen a “surprise”

Tehran, Nov 6, ICANA – An Iranian legislator said the silence of the international community on issue of Yemen is a “surprise”.
2018/11/07 09:23

Falahat-Pisheh: Iran at top of countries tackling terrorists

Tehran, Nov 6, ICANA – A senior Iranian lawmaker said Islamic Republic has been at the top of the countries that have tackled terrorists, adding that if the fight against terrorism was not carried out...
2018/11/07 09:12

Expiry date of bin Salman over for US

Tehran, Nov 6, ICANA – An Iranian lawmaker said the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had an expiry date for US and its time is over for Washington.
2018/11/07 08:15

Zarif: Iranian diplomat not been fired from Denmark

Tehran, Nov 6, ICANA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Iranian envoy has not been fired from Denmark.
2018/11/06 11:19

Call for expansion of Iran, Brazil ties

Tehran, Nov 6, ICANA – Brazilian diplomat said Brasilia is keen on expansion of relations with Tehran.
2018/11/06 10:21

Larijani: Enemies of Iran putting utmost pressure on country’s economy

Tehran, Nov 6, ICANA - Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the enemies of Islamic Republic are putting utmost pressure on the country’s economy.
2018/11/06 10:06

New Zealand official: JCPOA vital deal for Iran, region, int’l community

Tehran, Nov 5, ICANA- Top New Zealand official said the JCPOA was an vital deal for the region, Iran and the international community to achieve peace and nuclear control.
2018/11/06 09:18

World admitted authority of Iranian diplomacy: FM Zarif

Tehran, Nov 5, ICANA – The world has admitted the authority of Iranian diplomacy, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zan Monday.
2018/11/06 08:23

MP: SPV benchmark of EU's strength against White House

Tehran, Nov 5, ICANA - Member of the Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission described EU's financial mechanism called Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) as a pivotal test for Europe aga...

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