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2020/07/06 12:39

FM: US trying to target Iran's interests in region

Tehran (ICANA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the United States is trying to portray Iran as a security threat to the world.
2020/06/23 00:00

Iran Condemns US Sanctions against Syria

TEHRAN (ICANA) – Iran’s Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf has denounced the latest round of American coercive economic measures against Syria, saying the new sanctions indicate Washington’s fa...
2017/11/22 11:00

Iranian lawmaker slams accusing IRGC of terrorism

Tehran, Oct 11, ICANA– A senior Iranian lawmaker censured any effort to accuse Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) of terrorism.
2017/11/06 11:00

Kavakebian: Trump's anti-Iran move not working

Tehran, Oct 18, ICANA– An Iranian lawmaker stressed that US President Donald Trump's anti-Iran measures are not capable of forcing Iran to move back.
2017/11/06 09:46

Naqavi Hosseini: US Congress in no position to modify nuclear deal

Tehran, Oct 25, ICANA – A top Iranian lawmaker said his counterparts in the US Congress are not in a position to make any decision that could affect the Iran nuclear deal.
2017/11/06 09:46

American treasury chief's trip to region aims at rising anti-Iran pressure

Tehran, Oct 25, ICANA - A lawmaker said the planned visit of the US treasury secretary to the region is aimed at forming a regional front against Tehran to create further problems for hampering Iran's...
2017/11/06 09:45

Naqavi Hosseini: IRGC a precious asset to Iran, regional countries

Tehran, Oct 31, ICANA - A senior Iranian legislator praised the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps as a precious asset to Islamic Republic of Iran and other regional countries, underlying that no country...
2017/11/06 09:45

Lawmaker: US sanctions aims at hampering Iran’s regional authority

Tehran, Oct 30, ICANA – An Iranian legislator said the recent sanctions approved by the US House of Representatives against Iran aim to hamper the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regional influence.
2017/11/06 09:43

Europe's contradictory JCPOA stance aimed at keeping US alliance

Tehran, Nov 1, ICANA– An Iranian lawmaker said European countries are seeking to safeguard the Iran nuclear deal in place, but they are also echoing some of the US anti-Iran demands.
2017/11/06 09:42

US documents against Iran unfounded

Tehran, Nov 3, ICANA – A top Iranian official said that US documents about Iran alleged cooperation with Al-Qaeda terrorist group are unfounded.
2017/11/06 09:00

Larijani: Huge gap shaped between US, Europe on JCPOA

Tehran, Nov 3, ICANA - Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said a huge gap has been shaped between the America and its European allies on landmark Iran’s nuclear issue.
2017/11/06 09:00

US seeking to establish new Middle East

Tehran, Nov 5, ICANA – An Iranian lawmaker said the US is planning to separate the regional countries and establish new Middle East.
2017/11/06 09:00

Saudi Arabia urged to change policy toward Iran

Tehran, Oct 29, ICANA – An Iranian legislator urged Saudi Arabia to change its policy toward Islamic Republic, seeing it as a powerful neighbor, not an enemy.
2017/11/04 11:00

Nanvakenari: US unreliable ally for Persian Gulf kingdoms

Tehran, Oct 19, ICANA – A lawmaker warned Iran's neighboring Arab kingdoms who rushed to back US President Donald Trump after his recent bombastic anti-Iran speech not to be assured of unflagging US s...
2017/11/04 11:00

Falahatpisheh slams Washington’s decision to quit UNESCO

Tehran, Oct 19, ICANA – An Iranian lawmaker criticized the United States decision to quit from the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and accusing the UN's cultural organizat...
2017/11/04 11:00

Boroujerdi: Trump travel ban dispute cause American rift

Tehran, Oct 19, ICANA - A senior Iranian lawmaker said the stalemate of the third US federal government’s travel ban targeting Iran, among other countries, by a Hawaii court shows state officials are ...
2017/10/22 11:00

MP: Tehran to give response to Washington's decertifying of JCPOA

Tehran, Oct 12, ICANA – Senior Iranian lawmaker said that Iran will give a strong and frank response to the US possible quitting the landmark nuclear deal.
2017/10/19 11:00

Iranian lawmaker slams US unilateral sanctions against Tehran

Tehran, Oct 10, ICANA – An Iranian lawmaker criticized the US congressional bill, titled ‘Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA),’ adding that the move is aimed at undermining...
2017/10/19 09:00

Iran MPs declare support for IRGC against US measures

Tehran, Oct 10, ICANA– Iran's parliament (Majlis) national security and foreign policy commission announced support for the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) against the US bullying rhetoric.
2017/10/14 11:00

Boroujerdi: US Congress can't decertify Tehran's conformity under JCPOA

Tehran, Oct 7, ICANA – A senior Iranian said US Congress is not able to decertify Iran's conformity with the nuclear agreement.
2017/10/07 19:00

MP: Tehran may pull out of JCPOA if Washington withdraws

Tehran, Oct 7, ICANA – An Iranian lawmaker said the Islamic Republic of Iran may walk away from the nuclear deal with the P5+1 group of countries if the US withdraws from the agreement.
2017/10/07 17:00

US will pay high price for scraping JCPOA

Tehran, Oct 6, ICANA – An Iranian lawmaker said Washington will pay a high price if US President Donald Trump carries out his threats to scrap the historic nuclear deal reached between Iran and the P5...
2017/10/07 16:00

US Congress can't decertify Tehran’s commitment to JCPOA

Tehran, Oct 7, ICANA– A senior Iranian lawmaker said that US Congress is not able to decertify Iran's conformity with the landmark nuclear deal.
2017/10/07 13:00

MP: US stance on JCPOA insignificant

Tehran, Oct 6, ICANA – An Iranian lawmaker said the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has for several times confirmed that Tehran has lived up to its commitments under the 2015 landmark nuclea...
2017/10/07 09:00

MP: US most isolated country at UN

Tehran, Sept 29, ICANA – An Iranian lawmaker said Washington was the most isolated country at the UN, citing President Donald Trump’s anti-Iran remarks.
2017/10/07 09:00

Iranian MP: US ban on aircraft sales violates JCPOA

Tehran, Sep 30, ICANA – An Iranian lawmaker called the US House’s new measures to block the sales of commercial aircraft to the Islamic Republic as clear violation of the nuclear deal.
2017/10/07 09:00

JCPOA a moderate way for serving Iran’s interests

Tehran, Sep 30, ICANA – A senior Iranian lawmaker called the historical nuclear deal as a moderate way for serving Iran’s interests.
2017/10/07 08:00

Unilateral withdrawal from JCPOA undermines legal credibility of deal

Tehran, Oct 7, ICANA – An Iranian lawmaker said the unilateral withdrawal from the landmark nuclear agreement would undermine the legal credibility of the deal.
2017/10/03 09:00

Naqavi Hosseini: UN a place for promoting peace

Tehran, Sep 29, ICANA– A senior Iranian lawmaker said on Friday that the United Nations is a place for upholding peace not warmongering.
2017/09/27 09:00

Boroujerdi: Washington on backwards path

Tehran, Sep 23, ICANA – Head of the Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi has announced that the US is on the path of backwards.
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