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2020/07/11 01:39

Qalibaf Congrats Turkish Parl. Speaker on Re-Election

Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf has felicitated reelection of Mustafa Şentop as Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
2020/07/10 17:41

Qalibaf Urges World parliament's focus on ways to end unjust sanctions

TEHRAN (ICANA) _ Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf says after overcoming the current pandemic of the deadly new coronavirus, parliaments across the world must focus on preventing adopt...
2020/07/08 14:07

Bulgaria calls for Expansion of Ties with Iran

TEHRAN (ICANA) – Chairman of the Bulgarian National Assembly Tsveta Karayancheva has congratulated Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf on his election as Iran’s Parliament Speaker.
2020/07/08 13:05

Parliament Discusses Natanz Incident with Intelligence Minister

TEHRAN (ICANA) – The National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Iranian parliament in the presence of Iranian Intelligence Minister and representative of security bodies have reviewed Nata...
2020/07/08 12:45

MP: Iran's Gas Dispute With Turkmenistan Is of No Importance

TEHRAN (ICANA) _ The head of the Energy Commission of Iran's Parliament says that Iran-Turkmenistan gas dispute is not a special issue and is more like a media controversy.
2020/07/08 00:38

Japan, Tunisia & Ukraine stress reinforcing parliamentary relations with Iran

TEHRAN (ICANA) – parliament speakers of Tunisian, Japanese and Ukrainian in congratulatory messages have on his election, stressed reinforcing parliamentary relations with Iran.
2020/07/07 13:04

Parliament Speaker Calls For Boosting Economic Ties with Qatar

TEHRAN (ICANA) _ Iranian parliament speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf has stressed the need to boost the level of economic, political and cultural cooperation between Iran and Qatar.
2020/07/06 15:29

AEOI: More advanced shed to Replace at Natanz facility

TEHRAN (ICANA) _ Spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi says necessary arrangements have been made to rebuild the damaged structure at Shahid Ahmadi Roshan (Nat...
2020/07/06 12:39

FM: US trying to target Iran's interests in region

Tehran (ICANA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the United States is trying to portray Iran as a security threat to the world.
2020/07/05 17:29

Parliament Speaker Urges Reduction of JCPOA Obligations

TEHRAN (ICANA) – The Iranian speaker has called on the Iranian Foreign Ministry to implement the decisions to reduce the country’s commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal, and at the same time keep worki...
2020/07/05 03:15

Lawmaker: Reliance on Resistance Economy Neutralizes Sanctions Effect

TEHRAN (ICANA) _ An Iranian parliamentarian says If officials pay attention to the country’s domestic capacities as well as resistance economy, enemies’ sanctions against Iran will be futile.
2020/07/05 01:26

MP: Expansion of Ties with Venezuela Benefits Iran Economy

TEHRAN (ICANA) _ An Iranian parliamentarian has called for strengthening and broadening business relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Latin American Countries.
2020/07/05 00:16

A team to visit Natanz Nuclear site following recent incident

TEHRAN (ICANA) _ A team comprising members of Iranian Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission is to visit Shahid Ahmadi Roshan Natanz Nuclear Complex following an incident that has ...
2020/07/02 15:24

Qalibaf Condoles Pakistan over Terrorist Attack

Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf has called on Islamic countries to adopt serious decision for eliminating terrorism.
2020/07/02 15:09

Iran Fully Support Syria amid US Sanctions

TEHRAN (ICANA) _ Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has denounced US sanctions against Syria, pledging support for Damascus.
2020/07/01 21:19

Iran Parliament Speaker Urges End to Israel’s Expansionist Policies

TEHRAN (ICANA) _ Iran’s Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf in separate letters to Inter-Parliamentary Union and his counterparts have called for international community’s collective action to o...
2020/06/30 16:59

MP Urges Boosting Border Trade With Neighbors

TEHRAN (ICANA) _ An Iranian parliamentarian has called for strengthening and broadening border trade between the Islamic Republic of Iran and its neighboring countries.
2020/06/30 03:32

Iran FM to Discuss IAEA BoG's Resolution with Parliamentarians

TEHRAN (ICANA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif o discuss with the lawmakers on IAEA BoG's resolution with National Security and Foreign Policy Commission.
2020/06/30 01:44

MP: Iran Parliamen to Give Appropriate Response to E3

An Iranian lawmaker says Majlis is monitoring the behavior of the European countries and give an appropriate response to them.
2020/06/30 01:30

Parliament Speaker: People's Livelihood Officials "Main Concern"

Iran's Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf has said that economy and people's livelihood should be the main concern of officials, and noted that digital economy can solve many problems.
2020/06/28 03:58

Iran: US Threatening International Peace

TEHRAN (ICANA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf stressed the need for regional and international cooperation to counter the US irrational moves, warning that Washington's diplomacy i...
2020/06/27 19:43

Iran after border crossings facilitation with Afghanistan

Considering Iran’s positive role in the ongoing peace process in Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran is in the pursuit of simplifying border crossing procedures of Afghan nationals,” Fada-Hossei...
2020/06/27 17:19

Iran's Leader: Fight against corruption must continue

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has hailed anti-graft fight by Iran's Judiciary, saying the battle should continue "without negligence."
2020/06/24 12:00

Speaker: Japan ready to reinforce parliamentary ties with Iran

TEHRAN (ICANA) _ Japan's Speaker of the House of Representatives Tadamori Ōshima and President of the House of Councillors of Japan Akiko Santō has expressed readiness for developing parliamentary coo...
2020/06/24 12:00

Qalibaf: Zionist Regime Collapsing From Inside

TEHRAN (ICANA) - Iran'S Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf says the fake Zionist regime is facing a crisis of collapse from inside, adding that regime's criminal prime minister is dealing with ...
2020/06/23 01:00

Iran Urges Australia Not to Follow US Policies

TEHRAN (ICANA) – A senior adviser to the Iranian Parliament speaker has slammed Australia’s “unconstructive” partnership in US-led military coalitions, calling on Canberra to avoid obeying the Trump a...
2020/06/23 00:00

Qalibaf: Claims Raised in IAEA Resolution on Iran Not Legal

Iran’s Parliament Speaker, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf has slammed the illegitimate claims raised by International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors against the Islamic Republic in a recent resolut...
2020/06/23 00:00

Iran Condemns US Sanctions against Syria

TEHRAN (ICANA) – Iran’s Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf has denounced the latest round of American coercive economic measures against Syria, saying the new sanctions indicate Washington’s fa...
2020/06/21 00:00

Iran's Parliament Speaker: US Talks Forbidden, Detrimental

TEHRAN (ICANA) – Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf has roundly dismissed the idea of negotiations with the US, saying “smart and active resistance” is a strategic option for the Irania...
2018/01/12 09:00

MP: Iran following up case of Iranian tanker in China

Tehran, Jan 9, ICANA – An Iranian lawmaker said the Petroleum Ministry is following up the case of the Iranian tanker collided with a Chinese freighter in East China coast.
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